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Reinventing Beauty Retail


A new retail concept

The future beauty store seeks to create a hands-on shopping experience centered around playing and exploring beauty products. We want to connect our customers with innovative start-up brands and the worldwide beauty community.


A Playground for Beauty

Test, try, play – our stores are designed for you to get creative with all products for free. Tools and space is offered for you to get the true product experience and find your new favorite to take home.

Beauty is fun, so feel free to bring a friend. We are excited to host you as group!

Start-up Brands

Our brands are one-of-a-kind! With a selection of start-up beauty brands we are bringing trends to Germany. Our customers get to feel products that otherwise are only available online. 

We are offering a physical space for companies to present their products and would be happy to be your launch partner in Germany.  

Community & Learning

Beauty is best learned when you feel comfortable. Whenever you have a question we love to sit down with you and talk. Our mission is to guide you as you explore the world of beauty.

Our diverse team of artists and advisors is excited to connect with beauty lovers all over the world. We use our Social Media to build relationships.


Become part of our family!

As a member you get free access to our store at any time as well as tickets for launch events and monthly free samples! 


Calling all start-up brands!

Are you building, launching or running a beauty product business? We would love to give your products a home where customers can experience the touch and feel of what you are offering. With our pop-up like concept you can market test without having to fill orders for a large distribution system. We are particularly interested to work with small brands who are just entering the German market.


We are looking for you!

We want to build a team where everyone gets to contribute and chase their ideas.


Beauty Lovers

All beauty enthusiasts welcome! Whether you are an artist or an avid follower of the digital beauty community, we want to get to know you. No formal training required.


Finance and IT

The devil is not in the detail for you? With a keen eye for numbers and / or code and a specialty for double-checking all your work you are a perfect fit for us.


Sales and Marketing

Your strength lies in communicating personally, visually or through text? We are looking for people to build our brand and find more partners.



Whether you are a brand owner, a representative, interested in becoming part of our team or simply curious about us

– feel free to message us anytime!

We would love to chat and will get back to you shortly!