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Future of Beauty

Rethinking Retail - A case for cosmetic and beauty products

Thesis project by Tabea Brandt,
conducted at the University of Leipzig in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute Leipzig


"Color cosmetics, through their strongly visual nature and emotional bond, could likely be a trailblazer in digitalization"

Stefan Rickert, McKinsey-Partner and expert for consumer goods*


A growing market -
especially online

Color cosmetics generate annual sales of 12,79 million euro in the European market.¹

The business of color cosmetics grows by an average of 5 percent annually.²  

Until 2020 stationary Beauty retail will increase by 1,7 percent annually, while online retailing in beauty is expected to increase by nine percent.³


What value can retail offer to customers in the beauty sector?

Trends in 2019


Testing with High-Tech

Can app and digital mirror create excitement in customers to try out product in store?

Start-up Brands

Do young and innovative brands attract consumers into offline spaces?

Store events and personal advisory

Are atmosphere and expertise still as important for beauty buyers today?


"The future of retail will be owned by those, who are able to create outstanding shopping experiences for their customers."

Lucas van Eeghen, CMO Douglas **


Beauty as a hobby and research interest

Tabea Brandt, University of Leipzig

Stemming from personal passion and experience in working for a major cosmetics company the retail of color cosmetics has become the central theme and interest for my thesis to complete my degree in business & economics. 

As a consumer myself as well as from the perspective of being a seller, I experienced how the retail sector of beauty product lacks innovation.

In my thesis I hope to identify and explore new approaches to (re)developing business models in the beauty sector. 


What's your opinion?
Which trends will disrupt the market, is there any unused potential?

As a part of my thesis I would like get in touch with you and talk about current developments in retail particularly in the beauty sector.

Feel free to contact me using the form below.